Dr. Brad Schoenfeld is a professor at Lehman College in the Bronx, in New York City. His research primarily focuses on muscle adaptations to strength training, muscle hypertrophy. Publishing over 300 studies in the field of exercise and sports nutrition as a scientist, Brad began his career as a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • (00:00) Introduction to Dr. Brad Schoenfeld
  • (05:26) Why should we lift weights?
  • (06:56) Why building bone matters
  • (11:33) How to lift in old age
  • (13:45) Why to lift while young (especially women)
  • (16:21) Should children lift weights?
  • (17:05) Does lifting stunt growth?
  • (19:48) How to change body composition
  • (27:22) Protein requirements
  • (29:19) How to calculate protein needs
  • (36:54) Protein per meal - what's the right amount?
  • (38:18) Does time-restricted eating undermine hypertrophy?
  • (43:19) Anabolic window: myths vs. reality
  • (46:15) Total daily protein intake
  • (54:49) Why aging affects muscle power (loss of type II fibers)
  • (57:52) Power training vs. strength
  • (59:20) Benefits of explosive power training (fall prevention)
  • (1:03:18) How to power train with plyometrics
  • (1:03:58) Training to failure (is it important?)
  • (1:09:59) Rest in between sets (is it needed?)
  • (1:11:12) Number of sets per week
  • (1:22:31) Tips for recovery
  • (1:33:41) Should you get sore from exercise?
  • (1:36:47) What can you do for soreness? (without blunting hypertrophy)
  • (1:40:16) Does aerobic exercise undermine resistance training?
  • (1:44:46) Resistance training for endurance athletes
  • (1:46:33) Can stretching increase muscle growth?
  • (1:51:06) Is yoga a type of resistance training?
  • (1:53:37) Blood-flow restriction training
  • (1:58:37) What is Brad's routine?

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