This episode features a Q&A session with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. The questions were sourced from social media followers of both FoundMyFitness and also Zero Fasting Tracker, a convenient mobile app used widely in the fasting community for logging.

In this 45-minute podcast, Dr. Patrick answers some of the most popular questions related to fasting, including:

  • 00:03:46 - What effects do coffee, supplements, and amino acids have on fasting?
  • 00:12:29 - Should you consume electrolytes on a fast?
  • 00:14:50 - What evidence is there that one method of fasting is more beneficial than others?
  • 00:24:01 - What effect does the consumption of exogenous ketones have on fasting?
  • 00:29:30 - Are there downsides to exercise during fasting?
  • 00:34:31 - What role does fasting play in the growth-longevity tradeoff?
  • 00:49:48 - What's the ideal way to break a fast?

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