In this interview Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks to Dr. Frans Kuypers about his lab’s discovery on how the human placenta is a rich source of pluripotent stem cells and yet the placenta is thrown away after delivery. They discuss how his lab has shown that the stem cells from the placenta can be transformed into neuron-like cells, fat cells, bone cells, endothelial cells (relevant for lung and blood vessels), and liver cells. His lab also developed a technique for harvesting 5 to 7 times more hematopoietic stem cells from placenta than is currently retrieved from cord blood, a more standard, established source that is used worldwide for bone-marrow transplant.

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In this podcast, I interview Dr. George A Brooks, an expert in exercise physiology and lactate metabolism. Lactate, a once demonized molecule thought to form lactic acid and become a dead-end toxic metabolite, has been vindicated by the work of Dr. Brooks, his colleagues, and others. Lactate has been shown not be the cause of muscle fatigue, but to actually be a source of energy itself, even being metabolized greedily with a greater degree of preference than many other more well-known sources of energy, such as glucose. Recent research has demonstrated that this lactate metabolism pathway has a very special importance in situations of traumatic brain injury, which is an area of inquiry that Dr. Brooks has recently been involved with researching and we talk a little bit about during this interview.

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