This episode features Dr. Rhonda Patrick answering some of the most popular questions related to COVID-19. Look for another COVID-19-focused Q&A, coming soon. 

Some of the questions we selected from the batch to cover in this episode include:

  • 00:02:36 - Are children and infants susceptible to COVID-19? Are some more susceptible to a more severe form of the disease? Are they carriers of it and possibly spreading transmission?
  • 00:11:00 - Can you explain a little about hydroxychloroquine as possibly treating COVID-19? How does it work? Does it have to do with it being a zinc ionophore?
  • 00:17:58 - Can you talk about quercetin's role as a zinc ionophore? 
  • 00:20:51 - Is there any indication blood type influences COVID-19 risk?
  • 00:24:52 - Would you shed light on the conversation regarding vitamin D upregulating ACE2 receptors and vitamin D's influence on susceptibility to COVID19 infection?
  • 00:43:45 - Can you discuss whether sauna use might help prevent COVID19?
  • 00:52:55 - Is it true that high dose intravenous vitamin C might help treat COVID-19?
  • 01:04:35 - What are your thoughts on melatonin being a potential factor for impacting the severity of the virus via its effects on inflammation and oxidative stress?

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