Dan Pardi

Dr. Dan Pardi researches sleep neurobiology and is a co-founder of Dan’s Plan, an online wellness and technology company.

In this episode, we discuss...

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (03:27) Circadian rhythms are key to health
  • (07:07) Artificial lights suppress melatonin production
  • (12:04) Sleep clears toxins from the brain
  • (16:14) Sleep deprivation increases appetite and decreases energy expenditure 
  • (24:09) Sleep is critical for creating long-term memories
  • (31:29) Blue light can reset circadian rhythm in the Antarctic winter
  • (36:57) Long-term exercise improves sleep quality in women 
  • (44:43) Sleep deprivation worsens decision-making 
  • (51:02) Practices that encourage healthy sleep
  • (53:57) A healthy diet supports good sleep
  • (59:59) Dan’s plan bridges the gap between research and your personal health

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