In this interview, Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks to Dr. Frans Kuypers about his lab’s discovery on how the human placenta is a rich source of pluripotent stem cells, and yet the placenta is thrown away after delivery.

In this episode, we discuss... 

  • 00:00:00 - Introduction 
  • 00:04:39 - The human placenta as a source of hematopoietic cells
  • 00:11:30 - Pluripotent cells can differentiate into any cell in the human body
  • 00:13:03 - Public banking of abundant pluripotent placental stem cells
  • 00:18:06 - Therapeutic applications of stem cells
  • 00:22:56 - Stem cells as part of a physician’s toolkit 
  • 00:28:56 - Epigenetics of induced pluripotent stem cells
  • 00:34:49 - Biogenerators could use young cells to produce growth factors and other chemicals 
  • 00:38:36 - Transferring blood from young mice into old mice regenerates tissues using GDF11
  • 00:43:32 - Opportunities and challenges of banking stem cells
  • 00:52:49 - Stem cells could eliminate deaths due to lack of bone marrow donors
  • 00:56:37 - The way we fund research isn’t optimal for society

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