Dr. Dominic ("Dom") D'Agostino is an expert on a wide range of topics related to metabolic health, ketosis, and ketogenic diets. As one of the world's foremost experts on the ketogenic diet, Dom has personally practiced some variation of ketogenic diet for over a decade, bringing a substantial amount of practical experience along with his anecdotes from human and animal research.

In this episode, we discuss:

00:04:59 - What is "keto” (and what it is not)
00:08:42 - Types of ketogenic diets
00:15:27 - Lifestyle Ketogenic Diet
00:26:36 - Biomarkers and hyperlipidemia
00:29:41 - Micronutrients and Supplementation
00:33:40 - Exogenous Ketones
00:55:48 - Optimal blood concentration of ketones (Dom's pick)
01:13:31 - Exercise performance and anti-catabolic effects
01:34:37 - Brain and Memory
01:42:39 - Intermittent Fasting
01:51:43 - Neurodegenerative Diseases
01:58:05 - Migraines
02:04:17 - Autoimmune diseases
02:06:15 - Cancer
02:22:03 - Carnivore diet
02:28:22 - Dom's lifestyle habits
02:31:46 - Measuring ketones

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